Our Mission

Pre-diabetes and other obesity related illnesses affect one in three people in the US. The CDC estimates that 90% of people with high blood sugar and other pre-diabetes symptoms do not realize they are at risk.

Our team believes that to change this epidemic, we must address children directly by equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to make better life choices.

Our hope is to introduce students to science in such a way that they not only learn, but also envision themselves in the role of a scientist, be it a veterinarian, a physiologist, or maybe even an exercise scientist!

Teacher and Researcher

Georgia Hodges, PhD

Digital Media Developer
MFA Dramatic Media
Secret Robot

Alex Turbyfield

Digital Media Professional
Former film, tv and
video game animator
Has a cat for a roommate

David Nix

Graduate Research Assistant
SYSTEMS Curriculum Engineer
Education Specialist Student
Certified Biology Teacher
Favorite Animal: Penguin

Peggy McKay

Software Developer
MS Artificial Intelligence
MFA Dramatic Media

Shu Jackson

Graduate Research Assisstant
Certified Middle Grades Science Teacher
Masters in Education from the University of Florida
Loves cats, science, and teaching!

Kayla Pritchard

Software Developer
VR Killed the Lecture Hall
Working on M.S. Computer Science

Talal Alothman

Graduate Student
World traveller, animal lover, and knowledge explorer!

Sandhya Krishnan